Lalou at Manor!

Lalou at Manor!

After exposing Lalou at Montreux during Spring/Summer, here I was at Manor Vevey in the last month of the year! I have waited sooooo long for this to happen, and I literally counted the days!!

Everything I've been doing these past few months was to prepare for my location at Manor. It's a huge deal for me to be able to expose my brand in the most famous mall in Switzerland and I had to pinch myself to make sure that I wasn't dreaming. You know that feeling when it seems like you are living a dream? That's exactly what happened to me!

The best part was people reaction and support when I told them about my brand and my story! They were amazed by what I did and how I did it, and were very surprised by the amazing quality and the affordable prices. I can say that all the reactions I got made me so proud of myself and what I've accomplished. 

Oh and I got to tell you about something that happened that gave me a HUGE BOOST !!!! Two makeup artists from the famous brands MAC and Clarins, passed by my zone and were amazed by the products, especially the pigmentation of the palettes and the quality of the brushes! They didn't hesitate to compliment me and the products, and I felt sooooooo flattered! Well what can I say, big brands better watch out =D !!

All this couldn't have been possible without my amazing man that believed in me and in my brand since day 1. He's my support system and he really worked so hard to help me and assist me in all ways! 

And before leaving you with pics of this great experience, I want to say a special thanks to Manor Vevey for this amazing opportunity that they gave me! They trusted me to show my brand in their center, and that is a chance that not anyone can have! I am so grateful for that!

Finally, here are some pics of the preparations from building the furniture, painting it, preparing the products, transporting everything and finally some pics of the final result.





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